Employee asks to be paid in Bitcoins, buys company the next day

GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN – Erik Williamson, a 29 year old former employee at the Volvo headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden has today announced that he has purchased all available shares of his former employer.

Williamson has worked for five years as a system administrator for the company. Two days ago, he asked his supervisor to transfer his salary for the past month in Bitcoins.

“I was a little lucky because it was my supervisor’s last day at the company. He also found out about Bitcoins recently. I heard that a few days ago he bought an island in the Caribbean.”

Williamson had asked to have his monthly pay – the equivalent of roughly 2000 US-dollars, converted to Bitcoins and then transferred to his digital wallet. Two minutes after the salary was converted, it had already risen to an equivalent of over 5000 US-dollars, and continued like that for the next 24 hours.

Williamson has not yet made plans as to what to he will do with his newly acquired company.

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